Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the lift pass included in the ski school price?
Lift passes must be bought separately.  You can find the prices here:

Do beginners also need a lift pass?
For children and adult beginners we recommend you do not buy a lift pass on the first day.  Speak to your instructor about the type of pass you will need for the week.

The Snowman Ticket is unique in the Alps.  It enables all children born from 2008 onwards to use 97 lifts in the entire Arlberg skiing area for only 10 euros and it is valid for the whole winter season (proof of age necessary).

1) CHILDREN: Born 2000 to 2007. Proof of age necessary.
2) YOUTH: Born 1996 to 1999. Proof of age necessary.
3) SENIORS: Born 1951 and earlier. Proof of age necessary.
4) SNOWMAN TICKET: for infants born 2008 onwards.  Proof of age necessary.  Photo required for season tickets.
5) SENIOR ACTIVE: Seniors born 1941 and earlier.  Proof of age necessary.  Photo required for season tickets.

Are there also half day ski and/or snowboard courses?
We offer half day courses for Bambinis (3 year olds) and with private bookings.  The duration of all other group courses is 4 hours (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon).


Can our children stay together in the same group?
In our ski school the group sorting of the children takes place according to their skiing ability and their age.
If you wish that your children and/or their friends ski in the same group, please speak to a supervisor before the beginning of the course. 
If the children have different abilities, the better skier will have to adapt to the weaker group.

Do we have to book a whole 5 or 6 day ski/snowboard course or can we also attend for a shorter period?
Our group programmes are co-ordinated for one week and include a ski race and other great highlights.  Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a 5 or 6 day ticket. However it is, of course, possible to book a shorter period.

Are the ski school prices different if one first books a 3 day course and later wishes to add 2 extra course days?
Following completion of a minimum 3 day course, it is then possible to just pay the price difference for the extra days.
Course extension is only possible following completion of a course and on presentation of the course tickets.


Does it work out timewise, if both parents and children wish to go to ski school?
Any parents who also wish to book a ski course (private instructor, Powder Club) for themselves as well as for their children, can drop off their children (on presentation of the course tickets) as early as 8:45 a.m. in the Children’s Worlds in St. Anton (opposite the Gampen chairlift) and in Nasserein.  We will also look after your children in the afternoon until 4:00 p.m. at the latest.
How does group organisation take place?
Group organisation takes place following a short test run or by answering a few questions on your skiing ability.  We also try to take age and language into consideration.
If you find that your group is too easy or too difficult, it is possible to change groups at any time.
If you wish to swap from a ski course into a snowboard course or vice versa, this is possible following the agreement of the respective supervisor.










Does one get the money back if the children are not happy?
On our group courses a refund is only possible following accident, injury or illness and on presentation of the original voucher (see reverse of the course ticket) and with a medical certificate from a local resident doctor. The refund amount is calculated based on the length of the course booked and the amount of days already attended.  The total amount will be reduced accordingly.  Following resignation during a course or a non-appearance on the agreed date no refund will be given.

Does the ski school also have a ski rental business or does it co-operate with a sports shop?
The Ski School Arlberg co-operates with all sports shops in St. Anton am Arlberg.
The addresses of the ski rental shops can be found here:

Can one also join a course during the week?
In principle the group organisation takes place on Sundays and Mondays.  It is, however, also possible to join an existing group during the week apart from beginners (ability level GREEN) and anyone who is unable to use lifts.

Is it possible to buy midday care for individual days?
This is possible.  However, we request that you buy the midday care tickets in the office the previous day or at the latest early on the same day before the beginning of the course.


From which age can children attend the ski course?
From three years of age.
For all three year old children we offer a half day course (Bambinis).
All other children should attend a full day course.
With snowboard lessons we recommend a minimum age of 6-8 years.  However, on special request, it is possible for younger children to attend a snowboard course by prior arrangement with the respective supervisor.

Why don't you offer half day rates in the groups?
Our experience has shown that a half day course does not achieve the same level of progress as a whole day course.

Does one need to reserve a group course?
No, you do not need a reservation for the group courses.  You can register locally in all offices of the Ski School Arlberg or online on

Do the ski course days have to be taken consecutively?
Course tickets can only be used only on consecutive days.

Can one pay by credit card?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and EC-cards.

Is it possible to attend a group course for just one day?
We recommend that you book a ski/snowboard course for at least three days.  
You will then have the opportunity to extend the course and just pay the balance of the extra days (on presentation of the course tickets).
In particular we recommend at least a 5 or 6 days group course for beginners in order to achieve a good basic skiing ability.